Dawid Naude

Jan 27, 2021

1 min read

A culture of value creation is critical to transformation programs

Make 2021 a year to embed a culture of value creation in your transformation programs.

Making a difference does not come from simply looking at how things are done today, and then seeing how they’ll be done in the new system. You may meet the feature, but you haven’t met the requirement, which is to build something that makes a difference — easier, simpler, more sales, happier customers, faster operations.

The only way this works is if it truly is a culture. You may have a great business case, but if your business analyst, junior tester and all the consultants in the team aren’t thinking ‘value’ instead of requirements, you won’t reap the benefits.

It’s the simple question of “will this make it significantly easier than the current process”. If you have a complex process that exists in a spreadsheet and is done once a month by 5 people — would putting this into a system make a positive difference? In the new system could it now be done automatically, or by 4 people instead of 5?

This focus breaks down if it’s not a culture. Your requirement isn’t to build old features in a new system.