Creativity and constraints

A myth of creativity is that unbounded freedom supports the process.

The reality is that creativity loves constraints. If you timebox a brainstorming session you’ll get more ideas. If you say you’ll write from 8–9am every day no matter what, you’ll get productive work done, instead of waiting for when you feel inspiration which may never come.

Jerry Seinfeld was recently interviewed by Tim Ferris and gave some fantastic insight on his craft. He forces himself to write daily through timeboxing and systems. He gives the analogy of how exercise would be impossible to endure if it was open ended, if your personal trainer told you that today’s session doesn’t have a fixed duration. So too should you treat creativity and production.

If you’re trying to work on something creative, or any deep problem. Timebox, chip away, grind your way through it. Set an hour daily and through the spirit of kaizen and constant incremental change, like drops filling up an ocean, you will break through.

Design, Digital, Analytics, Cloud.

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