See things as they are

There is nothing to fear in looking at things exactly as they are.

Is the project doing well? I mean, really, is it? Is it really making a difference? Are your strengths aligned with what you’re doing? Are you actually a good leader? Do you like what you’re doing?

There are many parallels between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and life. Seeing things as they are is a fundamental. There is no way to talk yourself out of a bad situation on the mat. There are some moves that will come easily, and others that won’t. You can either resist against reality and beat yourself up about your capability, not believe it, or you can see it as it and work through it.

I discovered this on the mat a few days ago. We were sparring a move that I would say 90% of the class got first time, I couldn’t. I chuckled to my partner and said “it is what it is”. It was pure acceptance, instead of going “man, why am I so bad at this”.

It’s a beautiful thing, seeing things as they are. It doesn’t mean you accept that it’ll be that way tomorrow, it means you need to work on it. And if you keep working on things daily, eventually you’ll transform to a completely different, more competent individual.

The effect of a competent individual the impacts their family, their colleagues, their community.

See things as they are.

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