Keep it simple. It’s a saying we’ve heard forever, but it’s easy to lose sight of why.

This applies to life as well as to tech system design. Yes that smart speaker may seem like a cool thing, but what about the connectivity issues, the fact that it likely can’t be repaired and only has a shelf life of 2 years.

There are 1000+ features that any enterprise could embed in their application, most likely only 100 of them will ever be used. Which means we need to consider 900 features any time we update one of the 100.

It’s the same with life. More to replace, more to keep charged, more to find.

This for me is a huge challenge and one that I need to be very aware of. I’m a consumer. I’m a techy. I’m an early adopter. I want all the automation, all the LED’s and all the smarts.

By focusing only on the simple and essential I make space for what’s important.

Design, Digital, Analytics, Cloud.

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