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The simple thing we’ve stopped doing in sales

We do executive pitches, format our powerpoint decks, get our pricing approved.

But we don’t spend time speaking to the actual people we are building for.

If we’re selling a truck to a company, let’s spend a day with the delivery drivers… and not just the owner.

If we’re selling a call centre application, lets send in a grad to act as a new employee for a day, to feel just how overwhelming it must be to use their existing solution.

If we’re selling a new calendar tool, lets spend a day with the PA’s and observe how they work, learn from them.

If there are 10 parties competing for the job, but only 1 has taken the time to get context, to get empathy — they won’t need the noise of case studies, accelerators and credentials.

They have context, they have empathy, the message is clear.

Design, Digital, Analytics, Cloud.

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