There’s a saying that I didn’t really understand until recently. “Most of success is just turning up”. It’s definitely not applicable to all situations because you can just turn up, for decades even, to work and not make any progress.

But if you have a goal, something that’s tough, that you want to make progress with, just turning up each day can move you forward. Those incremental moves amount to something much greater.

Just turning up to your morning run, you’ve already succeeded, don’t think about your pace, performance or how you feel, just turn up. Just turning up to writing this post, instead of waiting for inspiration, I’ve achieved something. Just making a phone call that you’ve promised to yourself to make, you’ve achieved something.

Many years ago I wrote a post about how I lost 50kg, and I said that the hardest part was just putting on your shoes.

Measure yourself on how many times you turn up.

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