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Make 2021 a year to embed a culture of value creation in your transformation programs.

Making a difference does not come from simply looking at how things are done today, and then seeing how they’ll be done in the new system. You may meet the feature, but you haven’t met the requirement, which is to build something that makes a difference — easier, simpler, more sales, happier customers, faster operations.

The only way this works is if it truly is a culture. You may have a great business case, but if your business analyst, junior tester and all the consultants…

It’s the simple question of ‘why?’.

It’s the culture of value creation.

What would we like to achieve? What is the purpose of this meeting? This software? The actual intent is usually a few steps above what you think it is.

A client may be replacing spreadsheets with a CRM to be more ‘modern’, but what their actual intent is is to reduce expenditure by 15% to save their business. If you’re not focused on this intent, not only will you not achieve it, you may go the other way, as I’ve witnessed in a dramatic example where one company…

If your goal is to be the best engineer, does your diary reflect this? Do you have an hour booked today to speak to a colleague across the globe on a new successful process they just completed? Do you have 30 minutes booked to read up on advancements that are relevant?

I loved this simple way of asking “does your calendar reflect your goals?”. Coach Zahabi, one of the best MMA coaches in the world said this exact sentence in an excellent recap of the 7 habits of highly effective people. …

Jeff Bezos banned powerpoint as early as 2004 for his senior team. In 2018 he confirmed that this is still the practice.

Another way to phrase this is substance over form.

I work in consulting, which basically means I work in powerpoint. Powerpoint is a great tool for presenting concise, summarised principles to an audience that only has time to digest the outcome and want it presented to them. In this context it’s worth focusing on good diagrams, charts, visualisation and story telling. Minimal text on slides, the text should come out of your mouth, the slides should support your story.

However this isn’t how Powerpoint is used in most consultancies. It’s used as the primary artifact for any representation of knowledge…

In sports there is a mindset that you should seek fatigue when you’re working out. You should go to the point of failure, of pain. This has long been my mindset. There is something so satisfying about the feeling of pushing through the pain of a 180km ride or interval set. You finish and your legs are crippled, you can barely walk but you feel like you’ve really done something. ‘No pain no gain right?’

There is an alternative practiced successfully by many. The idea that you don’t go to pain, that you prioritise consistency over intensity. …

2020 was a heck of a year, it goes without saying. Two things most people agree on, first that we don’t want another year like that, and second, we don’t want to go back to the way things were in 2019 either.

Here are some things I’m going to bring into my work this year. You may find some of this valuable.

For context, I’m a leader responsible for 200+ staff and actively consulting to some of the largest companies in Australia.

  1. Bravery — Say no, carefully and politely, to things that aren’t in line with your work and individual…

Check Linkedin, check Facebook, check instagram, check Whatsapp, check news, check twitter, put phone away for a minute, check Linkedin, check Facebook… repeat.

This is a horrible loop centred on dopamine rewards. Apps designed not to revolutionise, democratise, connect or liberate, but rather to sell ads.

I’ve been off social media for close to 5 years, the only exception is Linkedin, and my life is absolutely better for it.

If you “don’t have time” to read, have a look at your app usage on your iPhone or Android, they will both tell you your screen time. If you’re like the…

After about 3 years of being prodded by friends and podcast hosts (Jocko Willink, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Sam Harris, Guy Ritchie), and especially the late Anthony Bourdain, I finally took the plunge and dove into something completely foreign to me.

I’m 37 and a have been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about 6 weeks. I hit the mat 4 times a week at a dojo about 10 minutes from my house and my 5 year old son started a few weeks ago too. …

One of my favourite pics of 2020. The ‘no’ pile. A cartoonist for the New Yorker showed us the amount of rejections he gets for every cartoon that actually gets published.

Seth Godin says that whenever someone asks him how they can fight writer’s block he says ‘show me your bad writing’, and they don’t have any.

Often we only want good prototypes, good designs, good requirements, good software. But first you need to pay the price of iterations, draft, things you can improve on. The ‘bad’ but completely necessary work.

You can improve on something bad, you need to…

In project delivery, consistency and predictability are far more important than explosive effort. Beware the hero developer, praise the one that chips away diligently each day.

Good design, requirements, thought takes time to emerge and it can only emerge through progressing steadily, shipping, sharing. “I just thought of something” happens over days, not hours.

The BA that writes 3 new stories every day is far more valuable than one that “smashed out 16 stories on Friday”. Yes the latter has had more output, but it can’t be digested, thought through and all the gaps, edge cases and improvements identified.


Dawid Naude

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